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Accounting Services

It’s crucial for any business to have accurate and constantly updated records, but it’s often more complicated and more time consuming than many business owners would like it to be. For Business Tax Preparation, accounting service and broker dealer services, we have been helping local businesses in the Tri-State area since 1982. We also offer specialist financial services in hedge fund administration, which makes a big difference to our clients’ success in both business and personal finance.

We are proud to have a long track record of regular clients who stay with us year after year. Our reasonable rates and attention to detail means that our service is appreciated by individuals and local businesses of all kinds. Keeping up with changes in tax law and applying these changes to your business tax preparation can be very complex and really needs specialist attention. Whilst it’s possible for businesses to try and keep up, it’s often counter-productive and can result in mistakes – not to mention lots of headaches! Our accounting services are designed to take away all of this, and our affordable fees will also be a tax deductible business expense.

If you are looking for Hedge Fund Administration then we can offer a whole range of services which will take care of everything. From interfacing with prime brokers and generating regular reports to assisting auditors and preparing partnership tax returns and K-1s, we understand the complexities of hedge fund administration and how to keep everything compliant with current laws and regulations. This brings peace of mind to you within this important area of finance.

Accounting Services and broker dealer services are a regular part of our daily work, and we continue to look after the best interests of many local businesses each and every year. We are always available for meetings with clients and to answer any questions, and we can also offer advice whenever we see opportunities for improving your business practices. We are always committed to seeing local businesses thrive, and our services such as business tax preparation and hedge fund administration are there to ensure this is exactly what happens. What motivates us is keeping all local businesses on the right track and up to date with all areas of finance and tax compliance. Our friendly team will be happy to help with any questions or to arrange an initial meeting